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With Amandeep Sandhu – 
With Shauna Singh Baldwin – 
With Richard Peabody  JMWW 
With Susi Wyss
  JMWW, Spring 2011 
With Ron Tanner  JMWW, Spring 2011  
With Janice Shapiro  JMWW, Spring 2011  
With James Macgruder – JMWW, Spring 2010  
With Shauna Singh Baldwin  South Asian Ensemble, Fall 2009  
With Sherrie Flick  JMWW, Fall 2009  
With Rafael Alvarez – Baltimore Review, Fall 2008

Book Reviews:

Roll of Honour by Amandeep Sandhu 
Selector of Souls
 by Shauna Singh Baldwin 

Blue Suburban Skies
 by Richard Peabody 
Could You Be With Her Now
 by Jen Michalski

Rosalia Scalia