“Under Mother’s Dresser” – Ragazine 
“Under the Radar” – Sweet Tree Review 
“Patent Leather Sandals” – Loch Raven Review 
“Maneuvering” – Hawaii Pacific Review 
“Bag of Secrets” – Verdad, forthcoming
“Henry’s Fall” – Silk Road Review, forthcoming
Sister Rafaele Heals the Sick and Other Stories – short story collection, Santa Fe Writers Project 2013 Awards shortlist  
“Hiding in Boxes” – Notre Dame Review, Spring 2016 
“The Two Anthonys”  Oklahoma Review, July 2013  
“Home Beautiful”  Blue Lake Review, July 2013   
“Love Chakri” part one, part two, part three, part four, July 2013  
“Training Wheels”  The Loch Raven Review, July 2013  
“Let Your Mind Be” part one, part two, part three  South Asian Ensemble, Fall 2011  
“Stumbling Toward Grace”  Amarillo Bay, Winter 2010  
“You’ll Do Fine” – Willow Review, Fall 2010
Uncharted Steps  Pennsylvania English, Fall 2010
“Everything Is Yours” part one, part two  South Asian Ensemble, Fall 2010  
“A Goat, Three Chickens, The Elephant In The Room, And A Green Card”  South Asian Ensemble, Summer 2010  
“Nine Twelve: We Love America”  South Asian Ensemble, Fall 2009  
“Saved” – Quercus Review, Spring 2009
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“Sister Rafaele Heals The Sick” – Pebble Lake Review, Summer 2005


“Uncle Harry’s Italian Christmas”  Baltimore Sun 
“Take This Chevette And Shove It!”
 – Baltimore Fishbowl, Spring 2011  
“The Passing of Two Johns Ends Era in Little Italy”  Smile, Hon, You’re in Baltimore! #14  
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“Bocce Rollers Add Spice To Baltimore’s Spaghetti Bowl”  Smile, Hon, You’re In Baltimore! #10  
“Eel And A Zygote”  JMWW, Fall/Winter 2006  

Rosalia Scalia